Freedom in
Your Grasp.



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to "feel" the digital landscape?  We have!


Examples of such systems have epitomised our dreams for two decades by way of movies, including Johnny Mnemonic (1995), Minority Report (2002), Iron Man (2008) and Avatar (2009).  Many companies have come close in the past few years, but we have yet to experience an affordable system that offers tangible interaction alongside easy customisation.


PALADIN will seek to change this dynamic, offfering a pair of "spatial operation devices" for the hands that won’t just WOW you with fancy vibrations like a joypad, but let you explore a multitude of experiences.  Totally wireless, our CELL system will also expand functionality from different perspectives, whilst CATAPHRACTs will enable users to add aesthetic style to their devices.

Our vision is not limited to entertainment, however.  Prior to full, commercial release, we want input from game engine and animation package developers, composers, video editors, manufacturers, roboticists and, of course, disabled users who will remain our principal community even after launch.  For we believe that, once anyone can control worlds with just their hands, they'll never want to go back!


A wearable for disabled children aged 8-18 years, PALADIN Kids, began development August 2018.  We are hoping to work as well with 3rd parties, and the NHS's Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust on PALADIN Hero; a prosthetic compatible with all XR headsets, meant for limb difference users.