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Make your Wheelchair
a Throne.


Primarily a motion controller, CHARIOT's platform uses a network of optical sensors in its base compared to a treadmill, tracking wheelchair movement. If you are navigating over rough terrain or uphill in a game environment, haptic feedback creates resistance, whereas flat and downhill terrain gives you a smooth ride. Turning and strafing is also a breeze, whilst the platform includes a safety cushion around its circumference to absorb impacts for simulated jumps.

Being designed to support multiple wheelchair sizes, CHARIOT will include larger versions of CELL attachments planned with products in development, including PALADIN and TEMPLAR. When not in use, it is hoped as well it can be dismantled without users needing a technical background, for efficient storage and portability.

But we bet you’re asking, “What if I don’t have a PC?” No problem! Whilst CHARIOT will be sold mainly as an accessory for  existing PC/Consoles, Rushboard is looking to partner with compact PC manufacturers, as an out-of-the-box, XR solution...

This system is in the concept phase, so is not ready to be shown, but possibly after PALADIN Hero has launched.

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