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Augment Your



Maybe you want to buy our products to help with your disability, use them in gaming, or perhaps better promote your business.  Like us, however, we know users want more from XR, such as goosebumps from the breeze and sunlight, feeling the multitude of surfaces from objects, and to rebel against physical forces in the world.  This is why all of Rushboard's wearables will be part of a modular, "plug-and-play" ecosystem, called CELL.

Incorporating a contact-based railing system (commonly used on cameras), we will build a catalogue of attachments that adds features like haptics, physical resistance, climate control, performance hand capture and more, extending the functionality of our products for years to come.  Some of these will even work together, providing you an experience no other interface currently on the market can match.

Because of this; whether you have PALADIN, TEMPLAR or another product, you won't have to wait for us to design a new feature unique to that system – instead, successive products will function with them out-of-the-box.  Once PALADIN Kids is available, we plan as well to offer 3rd-parties (and eventually users) the ability to create and sell their own CELL attachments.

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