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A lot of us have active imaginations.  Many of us draw or paint. Many build things out of clay or plastic bricks.  Many still just use cardboard, our parents' shoes and a sheet!

This is because when we are children (and sometimes much older), we want to imagine ourselves as our favourite heroes, villains, or even create our own adventures.  With the PALADIN Series now in development, therefore, we felt it was time we revealed our plans for this custom theme platform, CATAPHRACT.

Several years ago, a company started developing faceplates for their hardware.  Easy-to-fit covers that clicked into place over the product, these changed its visual appearance.  Unfortunately, this became a gimmick few users wanted to purchase, and even fewer developers had the opportunity to create for the platform. CATAPHRACT, on the other hand, offers no gimmicks.

Thinking about our attachment ecosystem, CELL, we came to realise when children have disabilities or are very ill, they need more than just a device to make them feel better... they deserve a symbol of ownership, indicating to all the product reflects their own personality and interests.  For businesses as well, we recognise companies aren’t afforded the means to promote their brand, because putting their presence on 3rd-party hardware simply isn't possible.


We want to create something easy to attach to our devices but, at the same time, won’t leave behind stains or other unpleasant artefacts when removed.  Our solution to this, therefore, are “smart faceplates” – panels with qr3D codes that transform the outer aesthetic, whilst employing special themes using PALADIN’s lighting and interface systems.  The best part? Users can have them applied even when any CELL attachments are connected!

Using licensed CATAPHRACT packs, wearers will be able to relive adventures as some of their favourite characters from select entertainment franchises.  To spark users' creative fires within, Rushboard will offer our own CATAPHRACT packs as well, and CATAPHRACT OPUS products from freelance artists; using ethically-sourced materials.

Further info on this, and more, will be made available once PALADIN Kids gets closer to release.

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