Reality Made Accessible.


Rushboard Technologies is a UK “Social Enterprise”, building PC/Console/Mobile devices affordable to all, whilst enabling Extended Reality more accessible for the disabled – a global community of over 1 Billion users.

The first device is divided into parallel strands: PALADIN Kids (a modular wearable, which began development Aug 2018) and PALADIN Hero (a prosthetic spatial-motion controller, exclusively for limb difference users), being designed for disabled children aged 8-18 years.

Both will be compatible with headsets Valve Index and Tilt Five, initially, as well as motion controller 3D Rudder.  If successful, support for Magic Leap, Vive/Vive Pro, Windows Mixed Reality and Playstation VR will then be added, followed by consoles and, eventually, use with other motion controllers.

We are currently pursuing investment funding/grants, but do not have a business premises right now.  However, any developers wishing to collaborate can reach us at  In-person meetings, for those local to Brighton, UK can be arranged as well, through Sussex Innovation Centre Falmer.

Social links can be found below, with a video podcast beginning soon.


Due to our current lockdown restrictions with COVID-19, we cannot conduct in-person meetings at this time. However, we can still have meetings via Skype/MS Teams.


To arrange a meeting, please contact us via our email.